Water therapy with a twist

Our very own Bain Ultra Thermomasseur Hydrotherapy combines the four elements of water, fire, air and earth. The soothing calm of water, the comfort of heat, the force of air and the grounding of the chakra colors. A way to find balance and calming to not only the body, but also the mind. Enjoy this on its own or combine this with a body massage for an even deeper relaxation. This is a private room for your solitary escape from the everyday.

  • Hydrotherapy

    • 20 minute hydro – $30.00
    • 20 minute coconut hydro (for dry skin) – $35.00
  • Hydrotherapy + Massage

    • 20 minute hydro / 60 minute massage – $107.00
    • 20 minute hydro / 90 minute massage – $139.00

Grab your massage card today!

Fill up your card and receive a $20 credit towards your next massage! Ask at our front counter. This card cannot apply to gift certificate redemption or to any other discounts, as those massages would already be discounted.